Why AlbLebanon?

  1. Why Make AlbLebanon Your Home Page Now?

  2. AlbLebanon is designed to be your Home Page.

    AlbLebanon is hosted on Multiple Modern High Tech Fast servers to insure that you have access to our entire database in a flash no matter what Internet Connection you have.

    AlbLebanon allows you to find and search for anything and everything and saves you the time.

    Our front page gives you access to everything and anything from one place. You can find anything, search for anything, and use any search engine all from one place and with one click. We have combined all the major Search Engines and the most important Lebanese websites for you in one place so you DO NOT have to visit each separately. - We have spent thousands of man hours to be able to provide you with the largest most accurate Database for Lebanon in terms of:

    Restaurants | Clubs | shopping needs | Hotels | Websites Directory | Classifieds

    Most Events | Most Polls | Blogging | Chat Rooms | Dating | Articles | Forum etc...

    Thousands and Thousands of Mp3 (Music) Arabic and Non-Arabic files to play or download for free

    Thousands of Videos to watch or Download for free | Thousands of Images and Photos

    Thousands of Jokes to read or download for free |Thousands of Articles & Blogs

    Free email and up to 10GB of secured for Ever Backed up storage. Free Games and so on...

    AlbLebanon dedicated staff and members will be adding to the database daily.

    You name it we will have it! AlbLebanon will make your Online Life easier and more fun.

    Click Here now and make us your Home Page.

  3. Why Become an AlbLebanon Member Now?
  4.  Why Not? It is for FREE!

     Benefits of being an AlbLebanon Member:

  5. You can chat for free & create your own chartrooms and build your own audience and marketing Networks for free.

    You will have access to thousands of other verified members for:
    Online Dating for Free| Social Networking |Advertising |Making Money |Business etc...

    You can and have the means to generate and make fees if you choose and charge anyone for advertising from your successful chat rooms and Web Pages.

    You get free email with 10GB secured & always backed up storage
  6. FREE Internet  STORAGE. You can store anything on our servers for FREE. This includes infinite Gigs of Videos, Music, Documents, Photos etc. AlbLebanon software gives you the option to store Data by making it Private (NO One will ever see it but you), or you and your friends, or Public (Everyone and Anyone) You have the option to choose how to store your uploaed and inserted data.

  7. You Get Online Dating Privileges for Free.

    You can add Any Listings - Reviews - News and any Comments (Including Political) you want such as for:
    Restaurants | Cafes | Clubs | Pubs | Hotels | Any Website | Blogs | Forum Entries etc...

    You can add Recommendations or Criticize anything and get your voice heard!

    You can advertise/buy/sell anything you want to anyone for FREE!

    You can add any Media:
    Music | Videos | Articles | Photos | Blog Articles | Jokes |Games | etc... Everything you add to the website database will be posted under your Username and on your Webpage. Any time any AlbLebanon user clicks on any Item you added to the database our software will mark and save it as views (Visits) to your Webpage. The more views your Webpage receives the more Advertising power you have! In a simpler way to explain it, the more you add to the database the more exposure your Webpage gets.

    Anything you add to our Database will always be stored and secured under your AlbLebanon OWN Webpage forever! It's like this: If you add it, you own it forever.

    You will have the power to make a difference if you want.

    IE: Your opinion about anything raging from Restaurant Reviews and recommendations to your Political thoughts will always be stored and secured forever and read or seen by thousands.

    AlbLebanon is a powerful website. All your Data (What you insert in our database), will be Crawled/Distributed in all the Search Engines almost overnight.

    It is the Place that can get you Fame if you work at it.

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  8. How AlbLebanon Protects Your Consumer Rights?

  9. You are the consumer. AlbLebanon gives you the power to expose any illegal or Bad Business acts by any Business, Company, Service, and Agency etc...

    Everything listed on AlbLebanon has its own dedicated Webpage. We also added software to allow our members to leave any (Human Edited and Approved) remarks, comments, etc...
    Consider us as the Business of the Business (world) watch Dog. We monitor all comments and any activity that you and our members enter into our data and we check on it to verify its accuracy and legitimacy. Then and only then we take measures to warn others about it.
    We do have the power to expose any business or company online. We DO NOT ever allow anything to take place without 100% verification and allowing the other side to explain their point of view, and the time to fix what went wrong first. It is a process well studied and managed by our staff.

    Same exact things applies to those (any business or company) that get good remarks in our database except now we reward them with free advertising and we Let everyone and anyone know about the positive remarks.
  1. How to get your Business on our Front Page?

  2. It's real easy. AlbLebanon Staff and assigned members periodically visit any business at any time for our pleasure and for us to be able to recommend to all of our visitors what we find best to suit their needs and demands. We are in the business of letting everyone know where the best of the best is in Lebanon, and who the worse of the worst are. This is how we get our visitors and members to trust us and visit us daily.

    No ONE knows who our visiting staff is. This means if we visit a restaurant for review the restaurant staff will NOT know who we are and/or what day and time we visit them. This beats the whole purpose of why we go ourselves to check things out! We DO TELL exactly what we experience and this way we are able to recommend positively to our users/members where to go and what to choose.
    Also In terms: You may consider us the Guinea Pig. We are willing to experiment to save you the time, headache, and money.

    If you are a business owner or company such as:

    Restaurant | Hotel | Cafe | Club | Pub | Bar | Snack | Store | Resort |etc...
    Invite us to visit you for Review.
    AlbLebanon's Main Page Receives Thousands and Thousands of visitors a day.
    This is free advertising for you of the best kind.
    Your Business Name in our Flash area will easily generate you phone calls and customers.