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Jennaz Al Massee7 (The Funeral of Jesus) Good Friday for the Greek Orthodox Christians. This Video was taken in St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Souk el-Ghareb, Lebanon Near the City of Alley. Souk El-Gharb a small town less than 2000 in population was the Most Destroyed Town during the Lebanese Civil War. It was the most strategic area during the war Protected by two Lebanese Army Regiments fighting almost night and day from 1983 until 1990. Can you imagine the level of the destruction of this town???

Since then, the Lebanese people have been building their country back and succeeding at it. The hard work and unity of the citizens of this town (Souk El-Gharb) paid of and they have rebuilt this Historic beautiful Church. However know this: they are desperately in NEED to receive $32,000 for Heat and Air System and ALSO to return the Famous Church Clock back to its original setting. The clock can be seen all the way to Beirut. All Lebanese Christians and Muslims alike Must extend their generosity NOW and HELP complete the TASK of Rebuilding the Souk el-Ghareb Church for it resembles the LAST traces of Destruction and WAR. This is the time of Year to HELP. This is your chance Lebanese People living abroad in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Europe. This is your chance to make a difference. Please contact the father of the Church Father (Abuna) Philippe Said NOW by email

Remember each donation counts do it do it NOW!
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Souk el-Gharb Greek Orthodox C...
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Souk el-Gharb Greek Orthodox C...
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