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Abou L 3abed Writing An Essay In English HAHA !! LOL

Abou El Abed was asked by his instructor to write an essay in English about

any interesting encounter that happened recently with him.

So he wrote in a classical translation from Arabic to English:

From some 2 months 3 (min chahrayn tlateh)-I recognized a girl in the
tooth of the elephant.(Be sen el fil)
She was other look and like the moon(ghayr chikl wmitl al amar) !
Burn her religion(yehre2 dina)

what beautiful. I tried to touch her pulse (diss nabadah)
to see if there is space and it appeared that she is interested. The first day I talked her on the phone and the second day she invited me on the lunch I asked her

'what you kitchenized? '(shou teibkha)
She said 'some of his mother's yoghurt on the walking'(shwayyet laban emmo 3al meishi)
I liked her project and before I arrived to her,
I went to the Milker(al Hallab) and bought some' lady's arms'(znoud l sett) and some 'eat and say thank you'(kol w shkor)
She opened me the door and when she saw the handsome (el Helo) in my hand she said 'yiiiii! your hands be safe
(tislam Eidayk) why torture yourself my uncle(laish m3azeb naffsak ya
3ami) ?

' While we are eating, rang the doorbell. She opened the door and
entered her old boyfriend. He asked her 'who is he?', she said 'not your entry' ( ma dakhalak) I knew straight he wanted to problemize it(baddo
ymashkela) He said 'my eye on you and on him ( ya 3ayni 3alayki w 3aleih) ,

I will count God not create you!'(behsob alla ma khalaeik) I said 'look, my head does not carry me break the evil before the gypsy milk goes up huh(ksor al char abl ma yfour Haleeb al nawar) !

Go pave the sea(ballet el baher) and bleach from my face now!'
The man felt on his blood (Hass 3a dammo) and left the room.
In the truth, he poisoned my body(sammalei badanei) very much.
But the girl gave breakfast to my nerves(rawwaet a3sabi) She said 'Don't carry worry(ma tehmol ham)

My life don't carry worry put your hands in cold water' I told her 'like my foot,(metel ejrei) tell me, are you empty tonight( fadyeh al layli) ?' She said 'yes, I emptify myself foryou'. I told her
'Thank you

My love, you are very digestible(mahdoumei)'!

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