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London riots: 20,000 calls to police on 'worst night'

Date Added: August 09, 2011 03:07:40 PM
Author: Sara Berjawi
Category: Blogs: Politics

Scotland Yard revealed a total of 44 officers were injured during running battles with angry youths and that the force received almost 20,800 999 calls, 400 per cent more than the usual 5,400. Officials said all police cells in London were now full and that any new suspects who were arrested were being taken to surrounding areas. Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin also called on all special constables to report for duty as the Met requested employers “to support” their emergency initiative. “Last night was the worst the MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) has seen in current memory for unacceptable levels of widespread looting, fires and disorder,” a spokesman for the Met police said. “The MPS responded with the largest policing operation of the three nights to date (approximately 2,500 officers in addition to 3,500 officers already on boroughs). The Telegraph

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