Sex codes when guests are around

If your house is perpetually bursting at the seams with people, and guests who stay the night, chances are your sex life is really going downhill. You need to quickly fix the problem. Grab your partner’s attention by hook or by crook and then sail off to the never-never-land of pleasure and desire.

Here are some sex codes for you to use when you find it hard to find we-time with your love.

We live in such fantastic times, that if we hint at things, we will have goose bumps; but if we lay them out straight, it will lose some of its charm and shine. Right or wrong? Sex codes take us back to a time when we had to be very careful about what to say and what to do in front of elders and children. More like our grandparents time, methinks. And now to go back to being in that era is indeed charmingly intimate, which makes one feel warm and giggly like a teenager and hot and lusty like a partner, all at the same time! And guess what, when you use one of these sex codes, no one on earth will be able to figure them out provided you don’t spoil the fun by saying something silly or not reacting at all. In fact try doing that as that too will up your erotic quotient in a minute.

Did you know couples who use secret, just-between-us codes have greater relationship satisfaction than couples who don’t? So the next time you want the earth to spin for you, try using one of these lines:
1. Tuck me in bed especially in front of the kids
2. You have homework, honey
3. The monkey is hungry
4. Is that a pistol
5. Let’s play tonight
6. Write ‘Date tonight?’ with a lipstick on the bathroom mirror.
7. Is there some cheese for a snack later?
8. Chocolate
9. Have your husband/ wife sit by you, massage your neck, and whisper, ‘I have a surprise for you in the bedroom.’
10. Where have your kept the ice cream?


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