Monthly Archives: December 2011

New deadly Israeli strikes hit Gaza

Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip have killed one civilian and wounded at least 10 others, Palestinian say. Continue reading

Actress Veena Malik: I was not naked for FHM shoot

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has defended a recent photoshoot in an Indian men’s magazine, saying she was “topless” but not “nude”. Continue reading

Winter skin makeover tips

Radiate beauty, glow and look youthful this winter. Don’t let your skin get susceptible to a horde of dry skin diseases, or let it turn chap, scaly, flaky or even cracked. Continue reading

Rahman Malik warns Veena Malik of ‘strict action’ over nude photo

Queen of controversies Veena Malik may or not have done a nude shoot for an Indian magazine but this time it may not be a hands-down win for Pakistan’s custodians of morality because her admirers seem to have multiplied over the year. Continue reading