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The Venue Beirut Clubs > Pubs
Restaurant URL:http://www.alblebanon.com/clubs/venue
Category:Clubs > Pubs
a. Founded in July 2007, The Venue Lounge Bar remains to be one of the classiest hangouts on Gouraud Street, Gemayzeh Lebanon.
Capable of accommodating a total of 120 seated people, The Venue offers ...
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Iris Beirut Clubs > Arabic Clubs
Restaurant URL:http://www.alblebanon.com/clubs/irisbeirut
Category:Clubs > Arabic Clubs
Dance Club, Lounge, Rooftop Location, Hip Clientele

The Scene:

There was something magical about a night at White, the rooftop supper club atop the An Nahar Building known for it's sexy di...
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