Rapid Services
Author: rapid
Date Posted: 17/01/2011
Category: Transportation and Moving
Sub Category: Moving
Business URL: http://www.alblebanon.com/business/rapidservices
Location: Lebanon, The Greater Beirut, Sin el Fil
Phone: 70-920 900 01-512 323 01-513 500
Address: sin el fil

Rapid Services

Rapid  service is connecting you to every place in Lebanon! With years of ground experience and after helping thousands of customers and clients we are proud to Introduce to you our perfect courier delivery services. We give you the luxury to get anything you want at your door steps and in a matter of hours. Also we give you the opportunity to have anything you want delivered to any place, any city, any village, and to every corner in Lebanon SAME DAY delivery and in hours.

Our professional drivers and movers equipped with our large modern fleet of trucks, cars, and bikes makes it possible for us to provide you with the ultimate delivery times and guarantees of services at very AFFORDABLE rates!

We strive to be your courier service now and forever.

Call us now. 01 513 500  - 01 512 323 - 70 920 900 
Our agents are waiting to serve you.

We would like you to come and visit our website:

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