Carnival of Lebanon
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Date Posted: 19/05/2011
Category: Tourism travel and lodging
Sub Category: Festivals - organization
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Location: Lebanon, Beirut, Beirut Central District
Phone: 01/980 400 - 03/245014
Address: Ahmed Albaribir Str. Down Town 3rd Flr., Beirut
Carnival of Lebanon is a message that reflects to the whole world the real image of Lebanon and its citizensIt is a call for hope, happiness and solidarity.It also aims to boost tourism, as well as economy and cultural activities, by creating an opportunity of entertainment which encourages balanced development between the major cities and villages.This will be clone by involving the largest possible number of participants including organizations, establishments, associations, universities, schools and social clubs in Lebanon.It is an annual national celebration with a wide range of artistic performances, including live dance and musical shows.It is a carnival with large decorated floats of different themes and designs, with different colorful costumes from around the world.Carnival of Lebanon also presents entertaining and activities (Masquerade parties, parades, Miss carnival ceremony, price winning competitions for traditional and modern dance shows, etc…

After a huge success of carnival of Lebanon in Aley, we decided to launch *Carnival of Lebanon 2009“with the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism as well as the Municipality of Aley by setting up a headquarter and training center for future Carnivals in Lebanon

01/980 400 - 03/245014

Ahmed Albaribir Str. Down Town 3rd Flr., Beirut

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