Camelia Perfumes
Author: camelia
Date Posted: 28/02/2011
Category: Specialty stores
Sub Category: Perfumes and Cosmetics
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Location: Lebanon, Beirut, Hamra
Phone: 03-184148 / 70-567010
Address: 1st Address: Hamra, Leon Str., facing Safadi Restaurant 2nd Address: Barbour Str., next to Tarek Bookshop

Some call us Camelia Perfumes; others call us a piece of heaven on earth.

Camelia concept is not just another perfume making company. Camelia Perfumes is a style of life.Each woman has a perfume personality of her own. Through which it reflects her emotions, senses, and sometimes even her deep down personal secrets.

Each man has a perfume personality that expresses his masculine emotions, and revolutionary thoughts.
We at Camelia Perfumes are ready to let you go through exploring your perfume personality with ease. you can chose your famous designer brand perfumes styles through our line of products starting from the perfume itself, including eau de toilette, body splash, body lotion, aftershave, and even soaps! of any designer brand perfume smell you chose. But if you are a person with exquisite personality, we can even create your OWN perfume!, through your choice of basic 5 basic elements, with your name written all over it. Who knows if your aroma gets popular it can even go international.
And if you are a person with and Oriental taste, you can chose the perfect essence oil from our oriental

You can even check the latest addition to Camelia products family; "Camelia's Secret for her",and "Camelia's secret for him", two exquisite seduction perfumes for the opposite sex.

Soon expect our Aroma therapy line. And many more surprises to come.

Camelia Perfumes.....perfumes for life.


Our exact location via Google maps is here

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