Beirut Marathon Association
Author: sarab
Date Posted: 18/08/2011
Category: Sports and entertainment
Sub Category: Entertainment receptions and events management
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Location: Lebanon, Beirut, OTHERS
Phone: 05 - 959 262
Address: Hazmieh

The Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered under the Ministry of Youth and Sports whose vision is to become the leading running expert organization in the Middle East. Its races have become by far the biggest and most popular sports events in Lebanon. Attendance and participation in the Beirut Marathon races continue to grow annually, and they command the attention of national and international media.

The Beirut Marathon Association was born out of one woman’s dream, a runner herself, who dreamed of bringing the running culture to Lebanon. After surviving a near fatal accident while running, May El Khalil brought the dream to life. From her hospital bed she oversaw the emergence of the Association she had aspired to create. Armed with determination, unwavering resolve, and the help of her family, friends, and a dedicated team of supporters from Lebanon and abroad, May succeeded in establishing one of the most successful running events in the region, the Beirut Marathon. On the morning of October 19th 2003, Lebanon witnessed a unique event in its history and hosted its first international Marathon.

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